Upcoming Events

Learn about upcoming social and other events for the South Landing Community.

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Pool Opening & Closing Parties

South Landing organizes Pool Parties at the beginning and end of the season. A robust turnout of residents bringing a favorite dish for the buffet ensures that these events remain extremely popular. We have some mighty good cooks in our community!

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Monthly Dinner & Golf Outing

South Landing residents are invited to a monthly cocktail hour and dinner party at Carolina Trace Country Club. We also have a friendly 9 hole golf competition. Winners are announced at the dinner and can often be overheard describing the exceptional shots of the day.

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Low Impact Aerobics

(aka Chattercize)

Every summer weekday morning at 10:00 residents meet in the pool for a low impact aerobics workout. Participants have also been known to engage in the occasional conversation.

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Name that Tune Parties

Join your neighbors for a fun evening and showcase your mastery of songs from years gone by. “Mixmaster Mark” will test your knowledge of song titles and artists from your youth. Help to propel your team into the winner’s circle and claim fantastic prizes. …Well, at least you can claim bragging rights.

As usual, we can’t get together without food of some sort. During intermission you can sample and share the snacks and desserts everyone brings to give you energy for the rest of the competition.

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Trivia Parties

If you are one of those people who can only remember trivial and unimportant facts but you can’t remember where you parked your car then this event is for you. It’s lots of fun and another chance to party with fellow residents.

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